Beware of “Me Too”

In the workplace, it can be so easy to manage a “me too” project, write a “me, too” report, or plan a “me too” travel program.

Costa Rica Without the Zip-lines

Take a step into the wonderful adventures Costa Rica has to offer. From wild animals, beautiful views, and local coffee, this country has a lot more to offer than zip-lining.

Apps, Events, Engagement, Oh My!

Technology can be used for many things, but what happened when we asked attendees of a corporate group travel program to use their cell phones in order to increase employee engagement?

All I Want Is a Great Experience

Material gifts are desirable, but an experience, like dinner with friends or a trip to a far away place, creates enjoyable memories that last long beyond the event.

Anticipation is Half of the Reward

Incentive travel comes with anticipation. From the moment they are eligible to compete for the trip, participants are already halfway there in their minds.