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Recognition & Incentives: What You Need to Know for 2023

No doubt about it, 2022 was a tumultuous year for businesses everywhere. Many companies strategically increased investment in recognition and incentive programs to stabilize their workforces, and to re-connect after long months of COVID separation from colleagues and clients. It wasn’t always easy, though, as market forces and a re-starting economy created challenges never encountered before – Awards? Stuck on …

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A Case For Incentives

As You’re Budgeting for ’23, Plan for Incentives Incentives, rewards, and loyalty programs can have a remarkable impact on the success of your business. As we enter Q4 and the planning season or 2023, we’ve outlined some of the key benefits of budgeting for performance-based incentive programs. Focus on sales performance Incentive programs allow you to quickly focus the behavior …

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What’s Hot for the Holidays? 2018 Edition

Now that we’re halfway through December it’s time for last-minute shoppers to hurry! Fortunately, our incentive and engagement program participants, crowded malls and bumper-to-bumper traffic can be avoided. Our merchandise team is happy to share with you some trending Rewards Mall items for 2018.

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Research Indicates Increased Return on Incentive Travel Programs

When it’s time to plan your incentive travel program or to defend your recommendation to senior leaders, it can be challenging to know where you stand. How do you know if your program is on-target, and how it compares to other organizations? In a recent joint study, the Incentive Research Foundation (IRF), SITE, and Financial and Insurance Conference Planners (FICP) conducted the largest incentive travel survey to date and came up with a helpful incentive travel program benchmark.

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Improving Employee Retention in a Strong Economy

In a strong economy, it’s important to cultivate a strong workplace culture within your business. Professionals rank their work environment as the most important factor when determining their satisfaction with their job. Pay raises and promotions are ineffectual drivers of employee engagement when compared to culture.

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Sales Incentives – 5 Action Items for an Effective Program

Sales incentive programs must be carefully planned in order to observe a long-term improvement in productivity. Although many programs guarantee a return on investment, companies who adopt poorly designed programs risk wasting money and losing the interest of their employees. Here are five key items for consideration when designing a sales incentive program.

Planning Focus: Gamification

Planning Focus: Gamification – Gamification has had the incentive industry all abuzz, but the concept may not be as new as you think.