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Designing next-gen customer loyalty

Gaining loyalty is a task harder than it once was—but customer loyalty programs can bridge the gap between manufacturers and their end customers. Interactions are the requirement of the day, replacing the simple “Do This / Get That” model of bygone years. We’ve established a comprehensive model for adoption and engagement that transcends rebates and account credit. This six-point plan …

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Halfway to the Holidays: Stand out with your rewards strategy

While the season of giving is an important time of the year to recognize your customer and employee relationships—there are many more opportunities year-round to take advantage of. A great reward strategy should do more than just simply “gift”—it should also help you stand out.  According to Forbes, since the pandemic, over 80% of corporate gift-givers said gifts have improved …

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Transcend Transactions. Inspire Interactions.

Many of the typical sales rep, partner, or customer reward programs go through the same motions—do this, get that. Send us your email, we’ll send you a gift card. Sell a widget, get a trinket. Your transactions pile up faster than aspen leaves in November, but you might not achieve desired loyalty or sales goals with transactions alone. While it’s …

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Customer Appreciation Day is coming up fast. Do you have an appreciation strategy?

According to Gallup, companies that provide an emotional connection with customers outperform the sales growth of their competitors by 85%. Not only can a customer-centric recognition strategy recognize and retain clients that keep your business going—they also have the power to create strong brand advocates to grow your business and meet goals. Easily automate customer recognition with a referral rewards program, …

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A Case For Incentives

As You’re Budgeting for ’23, Plan for Incentives Incentives, rewards, and loyalty programs can have a remarkable impact on the success of your business. As we enter Q4 and the planning season or 2023, we’ve outlined some of the key benefits of budgeting for performance-based incentive programs. Focus on sales performance Incentive programs allow you to quickly focus the behavior …

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Key Components for Incentive Travel

Is your incentive trip exciting enough to motivate participants year after year? There are several elements that are needed to create an enticing and rewarding trip that winners will always remember.

Living Our Values: Service

Our customer service program manager delivered on our brand promise in an important way, when it mattered most.