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Celebrating 45 Years

It’s time to celebrate our 45th Work Anniversary. Our company was founded in 1976 by Jim Dittman. He wanted to create a place where he would want to work not necessarily a big company, but a great company. In the years since, we have grown into a vibrant organization focused on helping companies move their people to the next level.

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Next Level Teammate Spotlight – Jamie Santiago

At Next Level Performance we recognize our employee’s contributions every quarter through the Teammate of the Quarter Award. With many nominations this quarter, the spotlight is on Jamie Santiago who had a very successful quarter working on graphic designs for incentive travel programs.

The “Good Old Days”

The future we want to build will bring forward the best of the past and marry it with the best of the present. I concluded that the people who worked for me and the people who were my peers all had five things in common.

Time to Retire: Boomer Bust

To remain competitive, businesses must transfer critical knowledge and experience from retiring Boomers to younger employees. What’s more, to counter the experience shortage, companies must hold on to the talent they have.